About us

We have been established to help and support organisations and individuals who seek for the best for their business. We respect and appreciate our clients, competitors and ourselves.
Together, with the bonds of reliability and confidence to unite us, we can meet your needs and solve the most pressing challenges.

Meet our Management

The firm's partners and staff are members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC). Our professional staff has been involved in projects in various industries and lines of business and developed and full awareness of clients' needs and requirements. Our firm's strict staff selections criteria and systematic in-house training has assisted to establish an appropriate position in the market and deliver significant values to our clients.

Trikkis Nicolas
Managing Director
Michael Michalis
Psyllou Marios
Tax Compliance & Advisory Services
Orthodoxou Marianna
Financial Compliance
& Reporting Services
Batzios Ilias
Audit & Assurance Services

Our Corporate Culture

  • We are Ambitiously Motivated and full of energy in our attempt to complete our next task aiming at maximum performance and full client satisfaction.
  • We have the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise…but it’s not only that!  It’s all about the passion running through our veins that enables us to combine all these for a successful outcome and an effective result.  We are Passion Driven and we can’t do anything about it…only many more with it!
  • We are blessed with God’s gift to humanity: The ability to learn and explore our surroundings acquiring in depth knowledge and skill.  Our team consists of only Academically Talented graduates from world known institutions that have the capacity and knowledge to emerge in every challenge adding value and quality to the end result.

Our Client Approach

  • We see every client’s challenge as our own trying to find the most suited solution that would satisfy us first and then our client. Our Personal Touch is a determining factor for our success as every challenge is different and no solution is the same.
  • The word deadline is synonymous with our daily bread!  We behave unanimously with a Timely Response to strict time frames and short deadlines because with no doubt time is money and punctuality saves you more!
  • Regardless of size and budget Fair Treatment to all clients is our principle as we know that every client’s project seems like the biggest and most urgent for their firm.  Besides, a happy client is a returning one and thanks to this we have many familiar faces filing up our conference rooms.
  • We know that doing the job on time is not enough.  We also have to do it will well to save you enough!  Sheer Effectiveness is part of our client approach and the outcome of a successful business relationship minimizing time and cost while maximizing outcome and potential.

Our Core Values

Excellence is an essential component of our values. We always demand more from ourselves in order to offer to our clients the best we can. In every project assigned to us, we exceed the expectations that were set. Excellence for us is the main driver to stretch our limits.

We are committed in everything we do. The trustworthy relationships with our clients are the lifeblood for us. We always seek for mutual trust and respect. In addition, we commit to working consistently without a pause in order to fulfil our goals.

Our team is based on our strong and successful working relationships. We strive to bring out the best of each other and we come all together toward a common goal.

The core value of leadership shapes everything we do. We inspire people to act with integrity and with passion to work. Our leaders create trust and independence between our team and drive our entire system of operations.

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